Coding Machine


Regular Coding Machine

Voltage (V/Hz)
Ac 220/50 110/60
Power (W)
Ink roller size (mm)
35 x 32 35 x 16
Speed (pcs/min)
0 - 300 Adjustable stepless speed
Object size (mm)
L:55 - 500 W: 30 - 300
Type number
5 Lines max. 15 letters per line
Printing position (mm)
Within 60 - 250
Type size (mm)
2.0 2.5 3.0 Available
Dimension (mm)
440 x 345 x 260
Net Weight (kg)

Special Features

  • Adopting photoelectric mechanism technology, automatic temperature control, auto-counting, and adjustable print position.
  • Adopting solid-ink roll, legible printing, fast dry, colour selectable and not easy to remove.
  • With multi-functional print wheel, maximum 5 lines, 15 characters have 2 mm 2.5 mm 3 mm for your choice.
  • Fitting for printing labels on the face of papers, tissue paper, non –absorbency plastic film and aluminum film.
Colour Ribbon Hot Printing Machine NP-280

Product Description

Adopt color ribbon, has the features of clear printing, easy dry, non sticky, not easy to wipe off.
  • Can print codes on thin paper cardboard, paper sheet, leather, plastic film, aluminum foil, especially fit for coding on paper box of shoes, clothing.
  • Adopt constant temperature controlling and adjustable temperature, printed suitable for color ribbon made out of different kinds of materials.
  • It can automatic continuously print codes or control by pedal.
Technical Specification
AC 220/50 110/60
Printing Speed(pcs/min)
0 - 100
Printing Quantity
One Line
2 X 4 Max.15 characters
Two Lines
2 X 4 Max.30 characters
Three Lines
2 X 4 Max.45 characters
Color Ribbon Width(mm)
25 30 35
255 X 225 X 325
Net Weight (Kg)

Ink Jet Printers

Industrial On Line Non-Contact Ink Jet Printer Model IJP-P2128 which is zero maintenance high resolution FOUR line (Character height of 2 to 17mm) printer. The system is PC linkable with stainless Steel construction for printing on Porous & Non Porous surfaces. It can be installed on any production line to print B.No., Mfg. Date, Exp Date, MRP Rs., Logos, Bar Codes, Date & Time Serial No. (AGMARK) etc. on bottles, caps, Pouches, labels, cartons, pipes, etc.The system is inclusive of everything needed for immediate production on startup.
  1. Stainless Steel Machine Stand with Print head Stand.
  2. Product Detector with Mounting Bracket.
  3. 1 No. Disposables Pre-mix Ink Cartridge 1 No. Cleaning Spray.
  4. Operator Tool Kit Operation & Maintenance Manual, Operation Video.
This printer does not have any air pump, viscosity control unit, filters etc. and so there is no maintenance required. It does not require separate make up or wash solution, as everything is included in the disposable ink cartridges making it very user friendly. The running cost is only about 300 impressions per Rupee.
Optional Accessories (consumables for subsequent use)
(a) Pr mix ink packs of 200ml. Disposable cartridges (Solvent/Oil based)
(b) Cleaning Spray (to be sprayed on print head at startup & shutdown
Continuous flat belt conveyor Model FBC with polyurethane coated fiber based conveyor belt size 200mm width X1.5 Meter long. Stand alone power coated steel type machine model with 900 mm height. The system has a fixed speed setting of approx. 13 meters per minute.

 IJP-P2128 Ink Jet Printer
Other Ink Jet Printers Available
Advantage of our  Ink-Jet Printer
No mechanical parts
Air Pump Viscosity Control unit etc.
Mechanical parts get worn out & fail in time
No Filters for Ink
Filter has to be changed regularly
Very high replacement filter cost saved
Zero maintenance cost
Very High Maintenance Cost
High Cost saving every year
Push Flt pre-mix disposables Ink Cartridge
Separate Ink Make-Up & Solvent Bottles
Ease of use for the Operator
Simple Ethanol based Inks
Methanol (M.E.K.) based inks
MEK is highly toxic for humans
300 dpi High Resolution printing
Very low resolution dot-dot type printing
Logos & Barcodes can be printed perfectly
Instantaneous Startup & shutdown
Long procedure for startup & shutdown
No time is wasted for production
90 Million + characters per liter of Ink
45 Million characters per liter of Ink
Very Low Running Cost of printer
Best View : 1024 X 678